Eritrea - Armed forces

In 2002 active forces numbered around 172,200 with a reported 120,000 in reserves. The army constituted 170,000 personnel, of which 60,000 were to be de-mobilized when the border dispute with Ethiopia concluded. The army was equipped with approximately 100 main battle tanks. The navy numbered 1,400 and there were 800 members of the air force. The UN maintained observers and troops from 45 countries. Military expenditures were $275 million, or 19.8% of GDP in 2001.

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Apr 22, 2011 @ 12:12 pm
The UN observers left the country in 2009. The military expenditure has been reduced since then due to two reasons. 1. The countries economy is growing 2. The government have either demobilized or allocated them to civil services.

Please update your encyclopedia.

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