Egypt - Armed forces

Egypt Armed Forces 1907
Photo by: Jose

Total active armed forces in Egypt numbered 443,000 in 2002. There were 254,000 reserves divided among all services. The army had 320,000 personnel in four armed divisions. The air force had 19,000 members and was equipped with 608 combat aircraft and 128 armed helicopters. There were 75,000 personnel in the air defense command. The navy numbered 19,000, including 2,000 coast guard personnel; it was equipped with 4 submarines, 1 destroyer, 10 frigates, and about 39 other armed vessels for coastal defense. Paramilitary forces numbered around 330,000, including a national guard of 60,000, a central security force of 250,000, and 20,000 border guard forces. Egypt spent $4.04 billion on defense in 1999–00, or 4.1% of GDP.

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