Djibouti - Energy and power

All of Djibouti's electricity is generated from an oil-fired generating station in the capital. Installed capacity was 85,000 kW in 2001. In 2000 production totaled 180 million kWh, and consumption was 167.4 million. As of 2001, a $115 million, 30 MW geothermal plant was planned for the Lake Assal region west of the capital. All petroleum products are imported. Fuel and energy generally account for one-quarter of total imports. The port in Djibouti's capital city is an important oil shipment and storage site. The Dubai Ports Authority, which in 2000 was awarded a long-term contract to manage the port, hoped to increase its handling capacity to 300,000 metric tons per year over the next 20 years through modernization and expansion of port facilities.

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