Congo, Republic of the (ROC) - Labor

There were about one million economically active people in 1998. Almost half of all salaried employees work for the government. The Fundamental Act entitles workers to form and join unions, and the Labor Code prohibits restrictions on the unions. Most wage earners were union members in 2002, but this represents a small portion of workers since most are subsistence farmers or involved in the informal economy. The right to strike is guaranteed, but there are serious limitations. Workers must file an intent to strike at least three days before the planned date of the strike and must simultaneously participate in arbitration proceedings. Due to extreme economic hardship and reconstruction, in 2002 labor and the government agreed to a "social truce".

The 40-hour workweek has been established for wage employment. In 2002, the minimum wage was $64 per month. This is often supplemented by subsistence farming. The prohibition of child labor is focused on the formal sector; child labor persists in the informal economy. Minimum occupational health and safety standards exist and are somewhat enforced.

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