Comoros - Public finance

The Comoros government and the IMF agreed in 1990 to a structural adjustment program covering 1991 to 1993. The program provided $135 million and proposed a plan whereby the government diversified its exports, reduced public expenditures, and privatized its parastatal sector. Furthermore, the plan called for the abolishment of levies on export crops, privatization of the state-owned hotels, liquidation of the state-owned meat marketing company, initiation of a number of environmental projects, and the reduction of the number of civil servants. This last measure prompted civil disorder and economic disruptions. Concerned over the progress of reforms in 1993, the IMF and the government reassessed the program. Measures were adopted which persuaded the IMF to continue its support of the program. A military coup in 1999 halted most restructuring programs.

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) estimates that in 2001 Comoros's central government took in revenues of approximately $27.6 million. Overall, the government registered a surplus of approximately $27.6 million. External debt totaled $225 million.

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