Comoros - Foreign investment

Private foreign investment in the Comoros has been minimal since independence. The Comoros economy is supported by foreign aid and assistance, primarily from France but to a lesser extent from Japan, Sa'udi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates. A French company took over Comoros' electrical utility company in 1997. A Swiss concern owns and operates the country's two main hotels. If there are more privatizations, there would likely be more French investment. Officially, the Comoros welcomes foreign investment and is prepared to offer a package of incentives.

There was no recorded foreign direct investment (FDI) in 1997, but in 1998, FDI inflow was $3.2 million Inflows of only $300,000 and $900,000 was reported for 1999 and 2000, respectively, but there was an increase to $1.5 million in 2001.

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