Central African Republic - Industry

Industry contributed 20% of GDP in 2001. Textile and leather manufacturing are the leading industries. The largest single factory is a joint-venture textile complex (51% French owned) in Bangui, which handles spinning, weaving, dyeing, and the manufacture of blankets. All cotton produced in the country is ginned locally, with cotton-ginning plants scattered throughout the cotton-producing regions. Refined sugar and palm oil also are produced, as are soap, cigarettes, beer, bottled water, and soft drinks. Other light industries are paint, bricks and utensil manufacture, and motorcycle and bicycle assembly. Manufacturing primarily serves local needs. The Central African Republic (CAR)'s total annual diamond production is estimated at $100 million. The CAR is the world's 10th largest producer of diamonds, and the industry is well-regulated. There are seven major diamond exporting companies operating in the country. Most diamond mining is artisanal.

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When did Central African Republic Exist and what were the first settlers discovered?

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