Central African Republic - Housing

The Central African Real Estate Investments Society makes small loans for the repair of existing houses and larger loans (amounting to almost the total cost of the houses) for new construction. Interest rates are low, and repayment extends over a long period. Because of their higher credit ratings, salaried civil servants and employees of large trading companies receive most of the loans.

Loans are made to mutual self-help groups and others for the construction of waterworks or electrical distribution systems and to individuals for the purchase of refrigerators, furniture, and other household equipment.

In 2000, about 60% of the population had access to improved water systems; 31% had access to improved sanitation systems.

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Feb 25, 2019 @ 2:14 pm
I am a Cypriot citzen with an EU membership card. I am from RSA. I am arriving in CAR next week on the 4th of March and want to set up my industrial and general cleaning material factory. Currently everything is imported. I am looking to a bank account. Regards. Pierre.

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