Cape Verde - Social development

Old age, disability, and survivorship pensions are provided for employed persons with a special system for public employees. The system is funded with contributions from the insured person as well as the employer. Cash and medical benefits are provided for sickness, maternity, and work injury. Family allowances are payable to low income families with children under the age of 14.

The constitution bans sex discrimination, although social discrimination and violence against women persist. The penal code was amended to broaden the definition of sexual abuse and increase penalties. Domestic violence against women is commonplace and societal values discourage reporting these criminal offenses. Discrimination in the workplace continues in hiring, pay, and promotion. Women are often unaware of their rights and suffer unjust treatment in inheritance, family, and custody issues.

The government and nongovernmental organizations have been working to highlight the problems of child abuse and abandoned children. Human rights are generally respected by the Cape Verde authorities although there have been some reports of abuses by police.

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