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All visitors to Cameroon must have valid passports, visas, onward tickets, and certificates showing yellow fever and cholera immunization.

Cameroon's chief tourist attractions are its forests, savanna, jungle, and wild game. The 16 national parks and game reserves are equipped with camps for tourists. The diverse ethnic groups and their cultures and Cameroonian art have also proved of interest to visitors. There are several good hotels in the major cities. In 1997, there were approximately 239,379 foreign tourist arrivals, almost 50% from Europe. In 1995 (the latest budget figures available), tourist receipts totaled $36 million.

In 2002, the US Department of State estimated the cost of staying in Yaounde at about $190 or less, depending upon the choice of hotel. Daily expenses in Douala were estimated at $145, and in smaller towns costs are estimated at $48.

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