Cameroon - Organizations

The various economic interests of the country are represented in the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Mines in Douala and the Chamber of Agriculture, Pasturage, and Forests in Yaoundé. The Cameroonian Union of Professional Syndicates acts as a coordinating agency of the 20-odd syndicates of merchants and producers. There are also the Professional Banking Association and the Confederation of Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises. There is a Lion's Club at Yaoundé.

The government has encouraged the formation of cooperatives. The National Produce Marketing Office, created in 1978, has a monopoly on marketing cocoa, cotton, coffee, peanuts, and palm kernels. It is responsible for the prices paid the producers, the quality of produce, and the development of production.

The Association to Fight Against Poverty and AIDS, founded in 1999, seeks to improve the lives of women through education, health, farming, economic development and women's rights. There are student unions based at the universities in Yaoundé and Douala. Scouting programs are also available for youth.

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