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Ahmadou Ahidjo (1924–89) was president of Cameroon from 1960 until 1982. Paul Biya (b.1933), after having served as prime minister since 1975, became president in 1982. William-Aurélien Eteki Mboumoua (b.1933) was OAU secretary-general during 1974–78 and foreign minister of Cameroon during 1984–87. The best-known literary figures are the novelists Ferdinand Oyono (b.1928) and Mongo Beti (1932–2001).

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Francis K
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May 25, 2013 @ 7:19 pm
As additional information to this topic I would like o add as Famous Camerronian or people from Cameroon descent

Manu Dibango ( music )
roger Milla ( soccer legend)
Samuel Eto'o
Blaise Pascal Talla

People from Cameroon descent
Yannick Noah
Joachim Noah

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