Cameroon - Animal husbandry

In 2001 there were 5,900,000 head of cattle, 4,400,000 goats, 3,800,000 sheep, 1,350,000 hogs, and 30 million chickens. Most stock breeding is carried out in the north. Ngaoundéré has one of the largest and best-equipped slaughterhouses in Africa. Meat production in 1999 included 95,000 tons of beef, 28,000 tons of poultry, 16,000 tons of pork, 16,000 tons of mutton, and 15,000 tons of goat meat. Dairy and other livestock products that year included 125,000 tons of milk, 13,800 tons of eggs, and 13,000 tons of cattle hides. Meat products are exported to UDEAC countries. Attempts to improve livestock and hides and skins have been hindered by the social system, in which livestock constitutes a source of prestige, security, and wealth; by slowness in developing an effective transportation system; and by difficulty in controlling the tsetse fly.

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Mar 10, 2011 @ 7:19 pm
Who knows if potatoes or wheat can be grown in Cameroon?
Are there any farming cooperatives in Cameroon?How does the state controls or improves the production of livestock?

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