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In the first quarter of 1999, the government admitted to a budget shortfall of $125 million, which it explained as a loss of import duties and tax and customs fraud. The government has been accused repeatedly of corrupt practices and mismanagement of public revenues, including extra-budgetary spending. The government began a privatization program in 1990 that had succeeded in selling 56 out of 60 chosen national enterprises by 1999.

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) estimates that in 2001 Côte d'Ivoire's central government took in revenues of approximately $1.7 billion and had expenditures of $2.4 billion including capital expenditures of $420 million. Overall, the government registered a deficit of approximately $680 million. External debt totaled $13.3 billion.

The following table shows an itemized breakdown of government revenues. The percentages were calculated from data reported by the International Monetary Fund. The dollar amounts (millions) are based on the CIA estimates provided above.

Côte D'ivoire

Tax revenue 93.5% 1,609
Non-tax revenue 3.5% 60
Capital revenue <0.1% 1
Grants 2.9% 50
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