Côte D'ivoire - Climate

The greatest annual rainfall, about 200 cm (79 in), is along the coast and in the southwest. The coastal region has a long dry season from December to April, followed by heavy rains from May to September. Farther north, there is only one wet and one dry season, with rainfall heaviest in summer, culminating in September, and lightest in January. The country's lightest rainfall is in the northeast, averaging 109 cm (43 in) annually. Average temperatures along the coast range from 24° to 32° C (75° to 90° F ) in January and from 22° to 28° C (72° to 82° F ) in July. At Bouaké, in the center of the country, minimum and maximum temperatures in November, the hottest month, average 21° and 35° C (70° and 95° F ); the range is from 20° to 29° C (68° to 84° F ) in July, the coolest month. At Ferkéssédougou, in the far north, temperatures range from 21° to 36° C (70° to 97° F ) in March and from 17° to 30° C (63° to 86° F ) in November.

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