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There are 60 public libraries in Burundi, with the largest in and around the capital. Libraries in Bujumbura include the Public Library, which has 27,000 volumes; the library of the University of Burundi, with 192,000 volumes; and a specialized collection at the Department of Geology and Mines. The French Cultural Center in Bujumbura holds 33,000 volumes. The National Museum in Gitega (founded in 1955) houses a collection of musical instruments, weapons, witchcraft implements, and a sizeable library. The Musée Vivant, established in 1977 in Bujumbura, contains exhibits reflecting all aspects of life in the country. It also includes a reptile house, aquarium, aviary, open-air theater, and botanical gardens. The National Museum in Gitega, actually a local museum, contains musical instruments, weapons, and witchcraft utensils.

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Mar 24, 2009 @ 6:18 pm
The library of University of Burundi is very poor in nowadays technology .
whereby students can graduate before they touch the computer.

C'est horible.

What I am saying I am a witness for I was a student there for 3 years from 2002-2005.

I do not know now.

I am schooling outside Burundi where evrything is computer and as I am writing right now,I am using the computer in my room with the network of university, I am doing my reseaches on line, I contact the lecturer on line ,I ask him or her an appoinment on line.

He/she send assignment on line , I submit on line.

If I do not understand I contact him or her on li and he / she appoint me. I do not even need to go to library most of time because I access the library on internet in my room.

For those who do not have computer in their rooms the go in the library computers are 1,000's.
Evry departement has got a compueter Laboratory.
The main labolatory is open 24 hours.

what about Burundi University?

Balthazar Nyanduye.
Jean Sack
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Jul 3, 2012 @ 11:11 am
Bathazar, I do hope that you can return to Burundi with your education in information technology and will hep improve the education there at University of Burundi! I have learned that their faculty is currently on strike for better conditions so perhaps there is improvements ahead. The Hope Africa University where I briefly volunteered in the library this January, is getting much better connectivity and opportunities for students to use computing in their studies. The have registered for HINARI and are giving tutorials on searching for medical resources and on ERIC for educational documents on the Internet. I wish I know more about the other universities in Buj! In fact I would welcome insights from Burundians to my personal email this month: jeansack2004@yahoo.com. I am writing a Knowledge Management graduate studies research paper about possible educational uses of IT in higher education and health interventions and need more insights!

Jean Sack, Jhpiego, Baltimore, Maryland

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