Burkina Faso - Animal husbandry

In 1999 there were an estimated 7,950,000 goats; 6,350,000 sheep; 475,000 asses; 590,000 pigs; 25,000 horses; and 21 million chickens. Meat production in 1999 included 45,000 tons of beef; 22,000 tons of poultry; 23,000 tons of goat meat; 13,000 tons of mutton; and 8,000 tons of pork. In 1999, 7,000 tons of cattle hides; 6,000 tons of goatskins; and 3,000 tons of sheepskins were produced. Dairy products that year included 160,000 tons of cow's milk; 52,000 tons of goat's milk; and 1,000 tons of butter and ghee. Hens produced 17,000 tons of eggs in 1999. In recent years, livestock production has leveled off; since 1985 it has remained below 15% of GDP. Further development depends on the availability of pasturage and water, as well as the import policies and tax levels of neighboring countries.

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