Angola - Location, size, and extent

Angola is located on the west coast of Africa, south of the equator. Angola is slightly less than twice the size of Texas, with a total area of 1,246,700 sq km (481,353 sq mi), including the exclave of Cabinda (7,270 sq km/2,810 sq mi), which is surrounded by the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DROC— formerly Zaire) and the Republic of the Congo (ROC). Angola proper extends 1,758 km (1,092 mi) SE-NW and 1,491 km (926 mi) NE SW ; Cabinda extends 166 km (103 mi) NNE SSW and 62 km (39 mi) ESE WNW . Angola proper is bounded on the N and NE by the DROC, on the SE by Zambia, on the S by Namibia (South West Africa), and on the W by the Atlantic Ocean. Its total boundary length, including Cabinda's, is 5,198 km (3,233 mi).

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