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Visitors need a valid passport and a visa. Smallpox vaccinations are required. Vaccination against yellow fever is required of those coming from an infected area; inoculations against typhoid, tetanus, and cholera are recommended.

Among popular tourist attractions are the Casbah and Court of the Great Mosque in Algiers, as well as the excellent Mediterranean beaches, Atlas Mountains resorts, and tours of the Sahara Desert. The government has encouraged tourism as an increasingly important source of foreign exchange. In 2000, there were 865,984 visitor arrivals. The majority of foreign tourists were from France and Tunisia, with over 97,000 visitor arrivals from those countries. In 1997, hotel rooms numbered 32,837 with 65,704 beds and a 40.2% occupancy rate. Receipts from tourism came to $24 million in 1998. The US Department of State estimated the cost of staying in Algiers at about $206 per day in 2001.

The most popular Algerian sport is soccer, which is played throughout the country by professionals and amateurs alike. Tennis is widely played as well.

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