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There are foreign and domestic chambers of commerce, industry, and agriculture in the major cities. Red Cross and Red Crescent societies, including one for youth, are active. There is an organization of Amnesty International represented within the country

The African Federation of Mines, Energy, Chemical and Allied Trade Unions is an organization of labor unions, seeking to advance the trade union movement by facilitating communication and cooperation among members and representing the interests of members before business organizations and government agencies. The leading trade union, Union Générale des Travailleurs Algériens (UGTA), sponsors many organizations in Algeria. The "professional trade sectors" affiliated with the UGTA include food, agriculture, construction, teachers, energy, finance, information sciences, light and heavy industry, health social security, and telecommunications.

The National Union of Algerian Youth (UNJA) was originally established by the National Liberation Front (FLN) in 1969 as the youth wing of the FLN. Since then UNJA has broadened its youth representation and the Algerian National Youth Forum (FNJA) was established to represent other political tendencies. The National Union of Algerian Students (UNEA) and the National League of Algerian Students (LNEA) are active groups of university students. The Government's Ministry of Youth and Sports was established in 1998. Other youth NGOs in Algeria include the Federation of Algerian Youth Hostels and the Union of Youth of Seguia El Hamra Rio Oro. A scouting movement (Scouts Muslmans Algériens) is also present.

Learned societies are active in such fields as anthropology, archaeology, geography, history, and various branches of medicine.

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