Algeria - Animal husbandry

Algeria has 30,765 ha (76,020 acres) of permanent pastures and grazing land, 13% of the country's total area. About half of the livestock is owned by only 5% of the herdsmen. In 1999 there were an estimated 16,750,000 sheep, 3,400,000 goats, 1,650,000 head of cattle, 200,000 donkeys, 150,000 camels, 70,000 mules, and 55,000 horses. There were also 105 million chickens. Algeria is self-sufficient in poultry meat and eggs, but must import all inputs (chicks, hatching eggs, feed, veterinary products, equipment). Algeria has a severe shortage of milk, meat, and cheese and must therefore rely on imports. Algeria produces about one billion liters of milk annually, while consumption amounts to three billion liters.

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