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Chebika Oasis in Atlas mountains, Tunisia

The country of Tunisia is located in North Africa and is the northern most country on the continent of Africa. About forty percent of the country is made up of the Sahara Desert. The other part is fertile soil and was once called the Bread Basket of the Roman Empire. Tunisia is a small country, but has a diverse climate. The country also has a diverse culture because of the role Tunisia has played throughout history. The Romans, Spanish, Phoenicians, Turks, French and many other cultures have all had a hand in developing the culture in Tunisia.

The ancient city of Carthage is located in Tunis on the eastern side of Lake Tunis. Carthage was once, one of the largest and wealthiest cities of the ancient world. The city became a major power in the Mediterranean until its destruction in the 146 B.C. Most of the records of the city were lost over time. Most of what is known thus far, have come from Roman and Greek records. The best place to get acquainted with the culture of Carthage is to visit the Punic port. The city was once a super power of trade far superior then the Roman Empire. There is a small museum giving the history of the site located next to the port. This is a must see by history buffs.

Ksar Ghilane is an oasis located in the Sahara Desert. The oasis is considered to be the most beautiful in all of the Sahara Desert. The oasis is unique because it bears resemblance to the way ancient oasis looked in the past. The small pool in the center of Ksar Ghilane is surrounded by palm trees against the stark desert background. In the evening, visitors to the oasis are encouraged to take a dip in the hot sulfur pool. Small stalls and a restaurant are located around the pool selling local crafts and food. There are several camp sites for guests to stay in around Ksar Ghilane. Some of the camp sites offer modern convinces while others are more rustic for an authentic stay at the oasis. Ksar Ghilane gives visitors a chance to have a truly nomadic experience in the Sahara Desert.

The town of Matmata is unusual because of the ancient dwellings dug out of the earth. The sun baked houses are carved vertically into a crater. The dwellings are a small maze of rooms used for grain storage, bedrooms, and kitchens. Each house forms a circle with courtyards in the center and consists of two stories. The houses are equipped with doors, staircases, and openings to caves. But one thing visitors will notice is that there are no windows. The towns claim to fame is that the Star Wars movie was filmed on site here and attracts many visitors from all over the world. The best time to explore the town is in the morning or evening when the temperatures are much cooler.

The village of Douz plays host to the International Festival of the Sahara. People come from all over North Africa to witness this four day festival. The event is filled with belly dancing, camel fights, and other traditional activities of the desert people of Tunisia. One of the most spectacular events to see is the turban clad men showing off their expert horsemanship on exquisite stallions. The festival is usually scheduled between the months of December and January. The International Festival of the Sahara is a must see for anyone interested in the traditions and culture of the Tunisia desert people.

The Barcelo Carthage Thalasso is located on the beach in Carthage. This luxury hotel is second to none in Carthage. The hotel has its own water park and a huge swimming pool that kids will love. The spa offers an array of beauty treatments and messages to guests after a long day of site seeing. Le Sultan is perched overlooking the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel is just minutes from the center of Mammamet. Guests love to wander the gardens on the grounds and then take a rest in the hotels brand new spa. The Le Sultan is a four star luxury hotel with a relaxed atmosphere and a wonderful staff.

The country of Tunisia is diverse as the landscape. The museums are first class and informative with world class exhibits. The Sahara desert is a unique experience and offers many opportunities to experience nomadic culture. Tunisia has something for visitors of all ages to enjoy and experience in this North African country.

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