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Touring Thailand

Vacation and Travel to Thailand
Wat Khao Phra Yai Temple, Pattaya, Thailand.

Thailand is located in the heart of Southeast Asia. Thailand is the worlds fiftieth largest country and the capital is Bangkok. Thailand is known in the world for its strong ties to Buddhism and its official language is Thai. The country of Thailand is also well-known for its kindness and hospitality, it is called the “Land of Smiles”.

The most popular tourist attraction in Thailand is the Wat Phra Yai and the Big Buddha. Located in Koh Samui, the Big Buddha is twelve meters tall and can be seen from miles away. The Buddha statue sits on an inlet and is connected to the islands by an unpaved causeway. There are shops and restaurants located on the temple grounds which sell souvenirs and traditional Thai cuisine to visiting tourists.

The Hin Ta and Hin Yai formations are also located on the island of Koh Samui. They are called the Grandfather and Grandmother rocks, and legend says that the rocks were formed when an elderly couple wrecked their boat and when their bodies were washed ashore, these rocks were formed. The rocks are on the south side of Lamai Beach and entrance is free. These strange rocks are a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike.

Every month on the night of the full moon, there is a party in Koh-Phangan, Thailand. About ten to twenty thousand people gather on the beach, paint themselves in UV colors and dance the night away. There are Thai DJ's that play a wide variety of music and small tables down on the beach, where tourists gather to watch the nightly festivities. The Full Moon parties began about fifteen years ago, when a group of itinerant backpackers started holding moonlight raves on the beach and it has steadily grown from there. The Full Moon Party is now one of the largest and biggest regular party in all of Southeast Asia.

When tourists grow tired of the nightlife and beach scene, the a tour of the Namuang Waterfalls can be a welcomed diversion. Located on the interior of Samui Island the falls are named for the purple rock faces that welcome visitors. The falls have two tiers, the lower tier is thirty meters tall and empties into a deep pool. Along the pathway that leads into the park, there are elephants and guides that will take you up the trail to the falls. Inside the park is the Namuang Safari Park, which offers elephant rides, monkey shows and many other interesting activities.

The island of Samui offers some of the best diving opportunities in Asia. In fact, diving is such a popular activity that there are now many diving schools in the area. While there are great diving spots around Samui and Phangan, Toa Island on the south end of the island, is considered to be the “Mecca”.

Another location that many people do not know about is the Laem Sor Pagoda, it is rarely visited and thought by those who have, to be the most beautiful spot on the island. The Pagoda has a small meditation forest, with small tables and chairs for guests. There is also a man-made lagoon surrounded by mangrove trees making it an ideal spot for relaxation and a picnic.

Thailands climate is divided into three seasons; cool, hot and rainy seasons, though temperatures rarely drop below 70 °F. The country has some wonderful hotels that offer splendid accommodations, such as Centara Villas Samui, the Impiana Resort, or the Pavilion Boutique Resort Samui. Thailand is the perfect vacation spot for those who are looking for peace, tranquility and white sand beaches.

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