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Sweden: Exploring The Nordic Country

Vacation and Travel to Sweden
The Old Town (Gamla Stan). Stockholm's Cathedral spire dominates the skyline.

Sweden is a Nordic country located in Northern Europe on the Scandinavia Peninsula. It shares borders with Norway, Finland, and is connected to Denmark by the Oresund Bridge. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm and is the countries largest city. Sweden is also the most visited country in Northern Europe.

The vikings dominated Sweden between the eighth and eleventh centuries. The Swedish vikings trade routs are believed to have been from Finland and Russia, to the Baltic countries. The vikings adventures and tales are commemorated on many runestones throughout Sweden. Some of the better known runestones are the England Runestone, Greece Runestone, and the Ingvar Runestone.

The only city on the island of Gotland is Visby. The medieval city of Visby is one of the best preserved in Scandinavia. The castle of Visborg in Visby was built by king Eric Pomerania in 1411. The fortress then became a haven for pirates for the next twelve years. The castle has now become a national treasure and a popular tourist spot.

The spa experience in Sweden is top notch. There are spas located all over the country. Many offer massage therapy, skin treatments, relaxing yoga classes, and healing methods borrowed from indigenous peoples. One of the most popular is the Riksgrdnsen just outside of the Arctic Circle. Not only is it a spa it is also one of the best ski resorts in Sweden. The ski season here lasts the longest in the country. The best time to ski and hit the spa here is in the month of June.

Sweden has now become a “foodie” country. Thanks to some of the Swedish chefs taking an interest in international cuisine and local produce the food here has become diverse. Its easy to find Swedish staples such as meatballs, lobster, and local cheeses. Sweden also offers such culinary delights as sushi, Indian cuisine, and many more. The city of Stockholm is home to some of the top restaurants in the country. Sweden is a true culinary delight.

Golf is a popular sport in Sweden. The country has more than 300 golf courses. Sweden has many championship golf courses such as the Halmstad GC on the west coast, which has played host to the Solheim Cup back in 2007. Some of the courses are carved through huge forests or along rugged parts of the Swedish coastline. The golfing experience here is truly amazing.

The city of Stockholm is spread out across 14 islands and sits on the Baltic Sea. Walking in Stockholm is the only way to see this 700 year old city. Most of the site are accessible by foot. The nightlife in Stockholm is a scene that goes on seven days a week. The clubs here rival the ones in London and Paris.

Sweden is home to the world famous Ice Hotel. This huge hotel made of ice attracts visitors from all over the world. The Ice Hotel is open only in the winter months and offers a truly amazing lodging experience for the daring. If this is a little too extreme for a hotel, the 130 year old Grand Hotel Stockholm in Stockholm is a stay in luxury. The Grand, sits on the water front and is rich in history and tradition. Royalty, heads of state, and artists have all been guests here.

Anytime of year Sweden has something to see and do. The summertime is a great time to walk about its busy city streets and play a round of golf on the links. In the winter months Sweden becomes a winter wonderland with skiing and snowboarding. This Nordic country is great for active travelers or ones that just want to relax.

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