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Sightseeing In Singapore

Vacation and Travel to Singapore
The Singapore skyline at night from across the bay.

Singapore is a truly unique country, in that it is one of the last four true city-states. An island country, Singapore is located on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. With a total population of 4.84 million people, Singapore though highly cosmopolitan and diverse, the ethnic Chinese form most of the population. Consisting of sixty-three islands, there are two man-made connections that join Singapore to other islands, one is Johor-Singapore Causeway and the other is the Tusa Second Link.

Singapore has many sightseeing opportunities for travelers who want to experience the culture and environment. The Asian Civilization Museum is one of three of the National History Museums of Singapore. It is a museum that is entirely focused on exhibits and in Asian culture and evolution. The original location was opened in 1997, at the Old Tao Nan School Building. After restoration and updating, the museum was relocated to its current location in the Empress Palace Building, where it has been since 2003.

For the tourist in search of an adrenaline rush, a visit to Escape Theme Park is in order. The park offers a giant array of water themed rides, as well as roller coasters, go-carts and other spectacular attractions. The Kite-Flyer is the only ride in Asia that allows guests to soar up into the sky while tethered to a harness. For the more adventurous guest, there are rides such as the Inverter, Rainbow and Revolution. This park is kid-friendly and boasts some of the best rides in all of Singapore.

At the west end of Singapore, travelers will find the Jurong Bird Park, it is the largest bird park in Southeast Asia. Juroung Bird Park was first opened on January 3rd, 1971, and is home to over nine-thousand birds representing more than six-hundred species. The park hosts daily shows, “All Star Bird Show”and, the “Birds Of Prey Show”. For viewing the largest collection of Southeast Asian birds, in the Southeast Asian Aviary, guests can view over two hundred different species while strolling through a central walkway. The Waterfall Aviary is another attraction found inside the Juroung Bird Park, here visitors take a ride on a Panorail, that runs directly through the aviary. The Waterfall Aviary is home to some fifteen-hundred free flying birds from over sixty different species. Finally, at Pelican Cove, guests can view all seven species of pelican, including the threatened-species, Dalamation Pelican. This building holds the only underwater viewing gallery in the world, allowimg people to see pelicans as they skim the water and dive for food.

The Night Safari in Singapore, first opened its doors in 1994. It is the worlds first wildlife park that allows guests to view animals at night. Occupying 40 hectares, the animals are separated from viewers by natural barriers designed to represent natural habitat. There are approximately nine-hundred animals in the park, with over 30% being on the endangered species list. There is a Leopard Trail, Forest Giants Trail and Fishing Cats Trail. There is also a 40 minute ride by tram with a commentary given by an expert tour guide.

Perhaps the most popular hotel in all of Singapore would have to be Fullerton Hotel. Built in 1928, th hotel features Palladian architecture and Doric columns. This building used to house the Post Office, the Singapore Club and Chamber of Commerce. Today, Fullerton Hotel is a six-star hotel which offers spectacular views of the city skyline. This hotel is located in close proximity to the Raffles Place Mass, the Asian Civilization Museum, the Victoria Concert Hall and the Esplanade-Theaters on the Bay.

The climate of Singapore is very mild and enjoyable all year round with average monthly temperatures around 86-88øF. Singapore experiences a maritime climate and there are occasional periods of rain, within the months of December through March. Because Singapore is such a small island, it is common for one side of the island to experience sunshine and for the other side not to. Thus, making the climate of Singapore travel friendly all year round.

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