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Samoa: Paradise Found

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Sunset in Samoa

Samoa is a country in the South Pacific Ocean, governing the western part of the Samoa Islands. The islands of Samoa were created by volcanic eruptions in the South Pacific. The two large islands of Savaii and Upolu make up the country of Samoa. The climate is tropical and sunny days are plentiful. Samoa is located east of the International Date Line and south of the equator.

Samoa has some of the most picturesque waterfalls in the South Pacific. On the island of Upolu many enjoy doing the “waterfall crawl” across the island. This trip takes about half a day to see all the falls. The first fall on the tour is Papapapai-Tai Falls. There is a look out to observe this waterfall. The waterfall here is too powerful to get up close. On the southern end of the island are a group of falls close together. The first one is called the Togitogiga Waterfalls. These falls have a swimming hole and even a changing room and toilet. Most visitors to this site enjoy picnicking and relaxing next to the falling waters. Sopoaga Falls is also another great place for a picnic. The picnic area overlooks these beautiful falls and is surrounded by lush tropical gardens. For the more daring, visitors can make the hike up to the Fuipisia Falls on the north side of the island. The waterfalls on Upolu is nature at its extreme and most peaceful, all in one breath. Visitors to the island find this attraction a nice change from the beach.

Manono Island is worth taking the quick boat trip for. This island is home to four Samoa villages. Arriving on the island is like stepping back in time. The villages showcase the traditional life of Samoans. Here visitors can watch locals weave, fish, and plant native crops. The villages are dotted with traditional dwellings called fales. Guest to Manono

are encouraged to stay overnight in these open air structures and sleep like the natives. There are also guided tours of the island available for visitors. Visiting Manono Island is a great way to experience and understand the Samoan culture.

On the island of Savaii, the rainforest begs visitors to explore this green paradise. Falealupo Rainforest Reserve is a national treasure. The reserve is located on the northwest side of the island and is a nature lover's delight. The main attraction in the reserve is a treetop canopy walkway that is built 40 meters off the ground. From this vantage point visitors can experience the vast vegetation and see some of the 42 species of birds that live on the island. Hiking through the rainforest in Savaii is like walking in the Garden of Eden.

Lalomanu Beach is on the southeast tip of Upolu. This is one of the most pristine beaches in all of Samoa. The white sands and sparkling water of the lagoon is an inviting site. The water here is teeming with marine life. Snorkeling and scuba diving in the lagoon is a popular pastime at Lalomanu. The lagoon is a protected marine reserve and the extensive varieties of fish seen under the waves are impressive. No trip to Samoa would be complete without a visit to this beach.

Aggie Grey's Lagoon Beach Resort and Spa are located on 50 acres of lush tropical garden. The resort offers private beach access to the blue waters of the lagoon. The resort has a spa nestled deep in the bush for a true island experience. Guests find this deluxe resort one of the best places to stay in Samoa. Le Lagoto Resort is a boutique resort set on the white sand beaches of Samoa. This intimate resort boasts some of the best views in Samoa. The sunsets from the rooms are sensational. Both of these resorts give guests a true island experience.

The Samoa Islands are more than just blue waters and white sand beaches. The island has so much to offer visitors from rainforests to amazing waterfalls. Traveling on the Samoa Islands is truly paradise found.

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