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Travel And Tourism In Romania

Vacation and Travel to Romania
Beautiful castle "BRAN" from 13th century, Romania, Europe

The country of Romania is located in Central Europe to the north of the Balkan Peninsula, on the Lower Danube, and it borders the Black Sea. Romania became a country when Moldavia and Wallachia were merged in 1859. The country of Romania has one of the largest regions of undisturbed forest in all of Europe. Romania is a country with a very unique culture with a mix of Roman and Dacian elements.

Romania is a country that has several locations rich in historical and religious history. Several locations are on the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites. Tourism is a fast-growing industry in Romania and the number of international tourists increases exponentially each year.

Folklore tales state that Romanian capital Bucharest, was named after a shepard named Bucur. It is located in the middle of the Carpathian Mountains and the Black Sea. Bucharest has been called the “Paris of the Balkans”, because of its rich range of architecture. There are numerous structures that attract tourists in droves, because they contain some of the most interesting examples of neoclassical, Byzantine and modernism in the country.

The CEC Palace was built in Bucharest, Hungary, in 1900, on the grounds of what used to be an old monastery with an adjoining inn. It is a historical building that at one time was the headquarters of the national savings house, C.E.C. The building was deemed not suitable for a banking headquarters, so it was purchased by the municipality and is intended to be reopened as museum.

Stavropoleos Church, an Eastern-Orthodox Church, is in Bucharest, Romania. Built during the reign of Nicolae Mavrocordat in 1724, the monastery was supported entirely by the inn. While the inn and the annexes were demolished in the 19th century, the paintings in the dome underwent restoration in the 20th century. All that is left of the original monastery is the church, library, conference rooms, and old icons and paintings that were recovered from the church during the communist regime.

The Black Sea Coast is the most popular tourist destination in Romania. It has forty-three miles of white sand beaches and many resorts such as Costinesti, Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Jupiter Mamaia, Saturn, Venus and Aurora, just to name a few. The area is ripe with boating centers and guests can enjoy day or evening cruises, and a number of water sports and activities. Salt waters and mud from Lake Techirghiol, as well as its 75 °F, thermal springs, are a popular draw as well.

Romania is also home to the second largest delta in all of Europe, the Danube Delta. Most of the Danube Delta lies on the the bank of the Chilia arm in the Ukraine. This area is the driest and sunniest in all of Romania, with seventy days of blue skies and twenty-five hundred hours of sunshine per year. In 1991, the Danube Delta was named a World Heritage Site, by UNESCO. The main town of Tulcea, where people can go visit the Danube Delta Museum. The backwaters offer fishing, floating hotel, campsites and resorts.

The final stop on any trip to Romania would have to be Transylvania. It is here that the myth of “Dracula” was born, the original Dracula was known as a medieval king, “Vlad The Impaler”. Transylvania is home to one of his original palaces known as Bran Castle. Transylvania also has numerous Saxon fortified churches, such as Biertan Church which sits atop a hill overlook the village of Biertan, it is also listed as a World Heritage Site.

In Romania, temperatures on the coast are fairly moderate while the inland areas can be particularly hot. In December through April, the winters are coldest in the Carpathian Mountains. Snow is experienced all throughout the country, while the winters on the coast are more mild. Rainfall is moderate through the months of May and parts of June. Depending upon what a tourist wants to explore, Transylvania is a country cloaked in mystery and has some of the most beautiful castles and mountain ranges in the world.

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