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Nova Scotia: Touring a Providence in Canada

Vacation and Travel to Nova Scotia
The Mines river of Hants Co. Nova Scotia flows over rapids while surrounded by the majestic colours of autumn.

Nova Scotia is a providence located on the southeastern coast of Canada, and boasts the most people in the Atlantic providences of Canada. The capital is Halifax and the city is the major economic center of this region. The climate is continental and the country is almost completely surrounded by water.

The Fortress of Louisbourg is the largest reconstructed French town in North America. The fortress was built in the 18th century by the French. The fortified town at one point had over a thousand inhabitants and was a major French settlement on the Atlantic Ocean in North America. The society of Louisbourg was vastly different from any French settlement of New France. Although the population was mainly French, there were also many Swiss, Germans and Basques living side-by-side with the French settlers. The power of the church was also very minimal within the community. The Fortress of Louisbourg was not always controlled by the French, twice the city was taken over by the English. This just further adds to the cultural diversity of the city. The economy at this time was widely based upon the cod fishing industry within the ice-free water. The huge harbor gave way to the city becoming a major trade route in North America. Visiting this historic fort gives the tourist a great base in understanding the French who were living in North America.

The Halifax Citadel is located in the capital of Halifax. The Citadel was founded by the British in 1749, and became one of four British Naval stations overseas. The British built a series of fortifications in and around the structure. This system of fortifications is now known as the Halifax Defense Complex. The Halifax Citadel soon became obsolete in the 1860's, when the high power rifle was invented. The Citadel is now operated by the Parks Canada. Guided tours are available and give a detailed history of the structure.

Nova Scotia is a great place to enjoy whale watch. Mariner Cruises are based on Brier Island and this is the best region in Nova Scotia for whale watching. The cruises are narrated by local naturalists and tour guides that are well versed in the local bird species in and around the island. The springtime is the best time to see Minke whales, Finback whales, and Harbour porpoises dancing in the cool waters. In the month of June is when the Humpback whales start to come back to the waters to feed and white-sided dolphins can also be seen swimming in these waters. In the middle of July, all five of these majestic creatures can be seen from tour boats. This is one activity that the entire family can enjoy.

The Highland Village Museum is a living historical village. The village overlooks Bras

d'Or Lake. The village was founded in the 1800's by the MacNeils family. The

MacNeils clan came from the Island of Baara in Scotland. The village offers daily

demonstrations centered around language and crafts.

The vineyards of Nova Scotia are home to many award winning wines. The wine regions

are divided into six distinct regions. Grapes were first planted here in 1611 by

Champlain's first settlers. Today, there are eight thriving vineyards in Nova Scotia. In

the month of February is the Savour Food and Wine Festival. The festival offers

tasting, workshops, and pairing sessions all across the wine region. This a must for

wine enthusiasts.

The Blomidon Inn is a historic Victorian house built in the 1800's and is located in Nova

Scotias wine region. The inn offers gourmet meals and has Victorian gardens located all

over the grounds. The Blomidon Inn in Wolville, offers luxury rooms and modern

comforts of home. The Delta Halifax Hotel is located in Halifax. This four star hotel

is modern and luxurious. The Delta Halifax makes a great home base when visiting

this exciting city.

Nova Scotia is a wonder to behold and explore. This region is rich in history and

heritage. Traveling the land gives the visitor many reasons to return. Nova Scotia

is a true travelers delight in North America.

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