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A group of buildings in a pre-alpine environment. Taken in Lichtenstein, Europe.

The Principality of Liechtenstein, is more commonly known as simply Liechtenstein. The country is located in Western Europe and doubly landlocked on both sides by Switzerland and Austria. Liechtenstein is the small German speaking country in the world and it has the last remnants of the Holy Roman Empire. Throughout the ages, Liechtenstein has a long history of remaining a neutral country and is one of the few in the world with no military. Liechtenstein is a mountainous country, making it perfect for the tourist who is looking for a winter sports destination.

The single ski area in the country is Malbun and is 1,600 meters above sea level and is located about 17 kilometers from the capital city of Vaduz. Located in the Triensenberg Commune, Liechtenstein the ski lodge has been welcoming visitors since the 1930's. The ski resort is perhaps most famous for its guests, Prince Charles and Princess Diana came here in the 1980's, it was here that she learned how to downhill-ski. The ski season runs from December to March, with the lodge offering specials over the Christmas and New Years holiday season.

While visiting Liechtenstein, many tourists travel to the city of Vaduz to see Vaduz Castle. The castle is visible from almost any vantage point in Vaduz, standing out on a hillside, east of the Rhine River and tucked in between the mountains of Switzerland and Austria. The castle gets its name from Hugo of Liechtenstein, who was the first known ancestor of Prince Hans. Construction on the castle began sometime in the 12th century and through the years it has been modified and updated. The castle is considered a national landmark in Liechtenstein and is a marvel to behold.

The Liechtenstein Museum and Gardens are located in Vienna, Austria and were commission by Prince Johann Adam Andreas von Liechtenstein in the 1700's. The museum has on exhibit the Princely Collections which has some of the most valuable paintings and artwork in all of Europe and is one of the worlds leading privately owned art collections.

Keramik Werkstatt Schadler, is one of the oldest privately own businesses in Nendeln, Liechtenstein and has been run by its founding family, since 1836. The company specializes in burial urns for people and animals, as well as other household ceramic items. Visitors are welcomed with a guided tour of the building, which includes a look at the ovens, traditional stove, fireplace and workers who are painting and sculpting special order items.

Liechtenstein is also home to the Birka Bird Paradise, a bird observatory located in Mauren. Here guests are invited to tour the facility and get to see amphibians, rare plants, macaws, peacocks, amazon parrots and other rare birds from around the world. Admission to the facility is free and guests can either take a guided walking tour or ride a bicycle through the observatory.

Schaan is the largest city in Liechtenstein and located in the middle, next to Vaduz. Schaan has over four-thousand businesses and is the headquarters for Vivadent AG, and manufactures the most false teeth in the world. Schaan is also well known for the Theater am Kirchplatz, here guests can watch a drama, ballet, opera, cabaret, pantomime, cinema and many other multifaceted events.

When traveling to Liechtenstein, guests can find some very charming hotels and bed and breakfast type accommodations. The Park Hotel Sonnenoff has twenty-nine rooms, a florist, restaurant, casino, drug store, beauty shop and a valet service, and virtually anything else a guest could want. The hotel has made a name for itself, with a reputation founded on quality and personalized service for their guests. For guests seeking some a bit more unpretentious, there is the Hotel Garni Landhaus Prausch. This hotel is located in the heart of Vaduz and is short walk to some of the finest restaurants and tourist attractions in Liechtenstein.

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