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Island Jumping On A Jamaican Vacation

Vacation and Travel to Jamaica
Sunset over the water in Negril, Jamaica

As an island nation of the Greater Antilles, Jamaica is situated in the Caribbean Sea. The population of Jamaica consists of African and Euro-African people. English is the official language of Jamaica and Jamaican Patois is spoken among the native population. Jamaica is home to the Rastafarian movement and currently there are believed to be about one million Rastafarian followers in the world.

The capital city of Jamaica is Kingston and the climate is tropical, but not humid. The terrain is comprised mostly of mountains, with a narrow and discontinuous coastal plain. Jamaica also offers rivers, waterfalls, forests, limestone caves, bays and endless miles of beautiful beaches.

An eco-friendly attraction popular with travelers is the Royal Palm Preserve. The reserve is known known for its impeccable greenery and landscape, which is dominated by one-hundred foot tall Royal Palms known as Roystonia princes. These enormous trees are endemic to western Jamaica. Royal Palm Reserve is situated on three-hundred acres within the six-thousand acre Negril Great Morass. There is a birdwatching tower, one-hundred and ninety species of plants, and thirty-six species of birds. The Royal Palm Reserve attracts over one-thousand visitors per month alone during bird-watching season.

One out of the way spot that hungry tourists can visit, is Predneys on the Beach. Predneys on the Beach is a popular restaurant that serves up some of the best seafood on the island. There is another location that has just opened on St. Catherine Beach, almost three years ago. This is a hot spot for the locals, and tourists are encourage to venture in and pull up a chair and sample the famous cuisine that is offered.

For guests seeking an unforgettable underwater adventure then a stop at Montego Bay Undersea Tour is in order. Here guests board a semi-submarine named “Coral See”, at Pier One in downtown Montego Bay. The submarine provides panoramic views of beautiful coral reefs, sea mammals and fish that are not found in anyplace else in the world.

Peace Cave is located approximately five miles by foot down a path from Accompong Town, in St. Elizabeth. The Peace Cave is an exquisite and enjoyable diversion for tourists looking for something different. According to Maroon history, when Jamaica was faced with the English troops invading in 1655, the Spanish released their slaves to flee to the mountains to fight, while they escaped to Cuba. A slave named Kojo and his brother, came across a small village on the edge of Cockpit County, which today is known as Accompong Town, being named after the brother of Kojo. This village became a safe haven for slaves who fled English controlled plantations. Peace Cave is composed of both limestone and crystallized quartz. Today, the Maroons hold an annual ceremony at Peace Cave, they leave bottles of rum for their ancestors in celebration of the birth of Kojo, on January 6th of every year.

In March, when the Easter Holidays near, Jamaicans hold the annual Trelwny Yam Festival. There are activities, programs, presentations and foods presented by the locals. The finale of the festival is the when fourteen young men and women, take to the stage and try to earn the title of Yam Festival King and Queen. Every year this event draws some twenty-thousand tourists and is considered to be one of the best and brightest of all Jamaican festivals.

Jamaica offers some of the most luxurious accommodations found anywhere. Many guests enjoy staying at the Riu Ocho Rios, Riu Motego Bay, Riu Negril or Riu Palace Tropical Bay. Any of these hotels offer fine rooms, enjoyable activities and access to some of the most beautiful beaches found on the island. When considering Jamaica as a vacation destination, it is good to note that the island temperatures are very stable; summertime temperatures average 82 °F and in the winter temperatures are around 77øF, so travel is not limited to any particular time of the year.

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