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Greece: A Vacation Of Memories

Vacation and Travel to Greece
The most conspicuous -- and the most handsome -- surviving building at ancient Corinth is clearly the 6th-century-B.C. Temple of Apollo, which stands on a low hill overlooking the extensive remains of the Roman Agora (the Roman forum, or marketplace). Only seven of the temple's 38 monolithic Doric columns are standing, the others having long since been toppled by earthquakes.

The country of Greece is located at the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula. Greece also has many smaller islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The country consists of mountains and miles of beautiful coastline. The various landscapes gives Greece three different climates temperate, alpine, and Mediterranean.

The Parthenon in Athens, was built in 447 BC for the goddess Athena. The temple was built on a huge limestone slab on the top of the ruins of an already fallen temple. The temple is an enduring testament to the power of Athenians of ancient times. The Parthenon is the most important building left of Classical Greek architecture. The temple also has been used as a treasury, Christian church, and even a mosque in the times of antiquity.

When wanting to visit the Temple of Zeus keep in mind that there are two different sites. The first is located in the city of Athens. The temple's construction started in the 6th century BC and was not completed until the 2nd century AD. The temple is located in the center of Athens. The second temple is in Olympia. The temple's construction there was completed some where between 456 BC and 470 BC. Both sites are most impressive.

On the western side of the Island of Rhodes is the enchanting Valley of Butterflies. The valley is a haven for butterflies. The native flora is the perfect habitat for the beautiful insects. In the month of August, the valley is teeming with various types of butterflies. This is a must see for any eco-tourist.

The island of Kefalonia offers its visitors sandy beaches and emerald waters. The island has many coves and bays to discover. The island is also home to a national park sitting upon Mount Ainos. Here is a great place to observe local wildlife and to discover its rare fir forest. This is a nature lovers dream.

The National Garden in Athens, Greece is a great place to cool off during a hot summer day. The National Garden is located next to the Parliament building. The garden was first established in 1839. Upon entry to the National Garden the first thing encountered is a large sundial and a row of century old psalms. The museum has a nice collection of botanicals. Bird watchers will also see a plethora of birds inhabiting the lush vegetation of the National Garden. Children will also enjoy the library and the duck pond on the grounds of the garden.

Due to the geological structures of Greece, many caves carve their way throughout the country and the islands. The cave of Olympi upon the island of Chios is no exception. This cave has Jurassic limestone that dates back between 140 and 190 million years. Visitors of the cave enter through a man made chamber and end up in the main chamber of Olympi. There is a natural cavity in the ceiling of the cave that filters in natural sunlight and lights up the stalactites and stalagmites in colors of yellow, white, and red. This creates a magical for scene for the eyes.

The Hotel Grand Bretagne in Athens is a five star hotel. The hotel stands across from the National Gardens, the House of Parliament, and Constitution Square. It was built in 1862 and was once a private palace. The Nafplia Palace Hotel is located in Nafplion. This deluxe hotel spoils its guests in luxury and ambience. The hotel offers rooms and deluxe bungalows.

The nation of Greece is a virtual historical Mecca of sight and sound. Greece pleases even the most finicky traveler. Between the sights and sounds of Athens to the tranquility of the Valley of Butterflies, this nation has much to offer its guests.

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