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Barbados: A Beautiful Island Waiting For Discovery

Vacation and Travel to Barbados
Boats bobbing in the ocean under the sunset of a Barbados beach.

Barbados means “bearded-ones”, and is situated in the western Atlantic Ocean. The highest point on the island is Mount Hillaby, located in the Saint Andrew parish. Barbados was once though to be a volcanic island, but more recently it was discovered to be composed of limestone and coral. The island is extremely small and experiences a tropical climate.

The Saint Lawrence Gap, Christ Church is one of the most popular locations in Barbados. Saint Lawrence Gap is most often just called simply, “The Gap”. The area is well-known for its bars, hotels, clubs, shops, inns and resorts. The government has recently upgraded the area which now boasts a new boardwalk, street lights, road pavement and Dover Beach, which is the location for the world famous, “Restaurant At South Sea”.

In Saint Andrew parish, there is a national landmark that continues to draw in record numbers of tourists each year. The Morgan Lewis Windmill was the last sugar plantation windmill to operate in Barbados, stopping in 1947. It was bequeathed by Egbert Lawrence Bannister to the Barbados National Trust to be preserved as a museum. The windmill is completely intact and was completely restored in 1999. The interior of the windmill was turned into a museum filled with sugar plantation artifacts and pictures of the windmill in use, during the sugar cane milling process.

In the village of Bathsheba, Saint Joseph parish is the Andromeda Garden. It is a six acre horticulture park and an attractive destination for tourists to visit. The park has flowering plants, tropical trees and a Flower Forest, which is one of the most spectacular parks on the island. The garden was named after the Greek figure of Andromeda and was started as a private garden at the home of Iris Bannochie, a horticulturist who lived on the island. The location was first opened to the pubic in 1970's, at an event hosted by the Barbados Horticulture Society, and because it was so popular it has remained open ever since. Today the park has over six hundred different plants and has an average of 40,000 visitors annually.

Gun Hill Signal Station is in Saint George parish and is the largest and most prestigious military outposts in Barbados, with a history that extends as far back as 1697. The structure was formerly known as Briggs Hill and was one of the four points on the island that was responsible for sounding the alarm in the event of an emergency. In 1981, the structure was leased by the Barbados National Trust and received a grant to restore the facilities. The newly restored structure was reopened to the public in 1989 and remains open daily to visitors on the island.

The Bussa Emancipation Statue created in 1985, by Belgian artist Karl Broodhagen, 169 years after the island slave rebellion. The statue is located in Bridgetown on the east side of Barbados and the name Bussa, comes from what many people believe was the name of the slave who led the rebellion.

Barbados has lodgings to suit any style and budget. The Baywatch Resort on the South Gap of Barbados, offers guests a private beach, apartments, single rooms and kitchen facilities on site. The Little Green Tara is a tiny stone and coral house located at the edge of the island where the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea meet. It is a small one-bedroom house that comes with kitchen, sitting area, and many other amenities and lies tucked away in the remote region of Silver Sands. The location offers all the comforts of home and is close to the local nightlife. The island of Barbados is the most popular English-speaking destination in the world for tourists from North America, Britain and Europe.

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