Serbia and Montenegro - Political parties

In the first parliamentary elections held on 25 February 2003, seats in the 126-member Assembly were distributed as follows: Democratic Opposition of Serbia, 37; Democratic List for European Montenegro, 19; Democratic Party of Serbia, 17; Together for Changes (Montenegro), 14; Serb Socialist Party, 12; Serb Radical Party, 8; Social Democratic Party, 5; Party of Serb Unity, 5; Christian-Democratic Party of Serbia, 2; Democratic Alternative (Serbia), 2; Group Serbia, 1; New Serbia, 1; Liberal Alliance of Montenegro, 1; and Albanians Together, 1. Of the 126 members of parliament, 9 were women.

On 7 March 2003, Svetozar Marovic of the Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro was elected the first president of Serbia and Montenegro.

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