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The members of the first parliament formed after independence in 1978 had no party affiliations. However, political parties emerged shortly before the elections of August 1980, in which the Solomon Islands United Party, headed by Peter Kenilorea, won 14 seats; the People's Alliance Party (PAP), led by Solomon Mamaloni, received 8 seats; the National Democratic Party (NDP), 2 seats; and independents, 14 seats.

In the August 1997 elections. the Group for National Unity and Reconciliation (GNUR) retained its 21 seats, the PAP won 7 seats; the National Action Party (NAPSI), 5; Labor (SILP), 4; United Party (UP), 4; and independents, 6, and other parties, 3.

In the December 2001 elections, the PAP, led by Kemakeza, won 16 seats; the Alliance for Change Coalition, led by Ulufa'alu, took 13 seats; the People's Progressive Party, led by Sogavare,

LOCATION: 5° to 12°30′ S; 155° to 170° E. TERRITORIAL SEA LIMIT: 12 miles.
LOCATION: 5° to 12°30′ S ; 155° to 170° E. TERRITORIAL SEA LIMIT: 12 miles.

took 2 seats; the Labor Party, led by Joses Tuhanuku, won 1 seat; and independents held 18 seats. The next elections are scheduled for December 2005.

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