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Environmental responsibility is vested in the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture. An Environmental Protection Committee was created in 1984 to monitor environmental problems. Conservation of oil supplies, preservation of the natural wildlife heritage, and increasing the water supply through desalination are high on Qatar's environmental priority list. Air, water, and land pollution are also significant environmental issues in Qatar. In addition to smog and acid rain, the nation has been affected by the air pollution generated during the Persian Gulf War. Pollution from the oil industry poses a threat to the nation's water. The nation's soils have been damaged by pesticides and fertilizers, and its agricultural land is in danger of desertification. Endangered species include the hawksbill turtle, green sea turtle, and white oryx.

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Jan 26, 2012 @ 11:11 am
when was this article written? i am participating in model united nations and we need a problem to be solved in qatar. if this problem has not been solved, we can use it, but as there is not date on this article, we cannot determine if this has been solved.

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