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In 1999, there were 3,800 telephone lines in use across the country. Radio Kiribati, operated by the Broadcasting and Publications Authority (BPA), transmits daily in I-Kiribati and English and broadcasts a few imported Australian programs. As of 2002, there were two radio stations, 1 AM and 1 FM, and 1 television station. As of 1997, there were 17,000 radios and 1,000 televisions in use nationwide. In 2000, one Internet service provider served 1,000 subscribers.

The BPA publishes a fortnightly bilingual newspaper, Te Uekera. There is no commercial press; all publications are government-or church-sponsored. The Information Department at Tarawa publishes Atoll Pioneer, a weekly newspaper. Te Itoi ni Kiribati, a weekly newsletter, is published by the Roman Catholic Church. Te Kaotan te Ota is a newspaper published monthly by Protestant Church. Kiribati is on the Peacesat network, which provides educational transmissions from Suva. A satellite link with Australia was established in 1985.

Although the one radio station and Te Uekera are government owned, they offer a variety of views; the constitution provides for legally guaranteed freedom of speech and press.

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