Trinidad and Tobago - Organizations

Producers of agricultural crops for export are organized into associations for solving common problems, as well as for social purposes. Among these are the Cocoa Planters Association, Cooperative Citrus Growers Association, and Sugar Manufacturers Association. Professional and trade associations are many and varied and include the Law Society, Medical Board, Petroleum Association, Shipping Association, and Trinidad Chamber of Commerce. The multinational Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce and the Caribbean Employers Confederation are located in Trinidad and Tobago. The Caribbean office of the International Labor Organization is located in Port-of-Spain, as is the base office of the Association of Caribbean States.

Cultural and educational organizations include the Festival Center for the Creative Arts and the Caribbean Academy of Sciences. Scouting and YMCA/YWCA programs are available for youth. Social action groups include the Network of NGOs of Trinidad and Tobago for the Advancement of Women and the Caribbean Women's Association. The Red Cross is also active.

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