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Except for a few privately controlled facilities, the government owns and operates the postal, telephone, and telegraph services. In 2000 there were 665,061 mainline telephones in use with an additional 663,296 cellular phones. The Guatemalan Telecommunications Enterprise provides international radiotelegraph and radiotelephone service. As of 2000 there were 130 AM and 487 FM radio stations. In 2001, there were four television stations, all owned by the same Mexican citizen, who has a political preference for the FRG. In 2000 there 79 radios and 61 television sets for every 1,000 people. The same year, there were five Internet service providers serving 65,000 subscribers.

There were seven daily newspapers in 2002, all published in Guatemala City. Their names and orientations with 2002 circulations are as follows:


Prensa Libre Moderate liberal 120,000
El Gráfico Moderate conservative 60,000
Siglo Veintiuno Moderate 56,000
Imparcial NA 25,000
La Hora Moderate liberal 20,000
La Republica ModerateNA
Diario de Centro América Official (government) NA

The constitution provides for free speech and a free press, though journalists admit that in certain cases fears of reprisals or government pressure lead to self-censorship.

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